Our number one goal is to reduce poverty in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax County.  We support current community, private, public, religious, and social programs to meet the current poverty challenges facing Virginia's 8th District, such as Carlin Springs Elementary School Family Market.  We also support initiatives to provide job & career training so that our residents can find jobs. Furthermore, we support providing English as Second Language (ESL) programs to help new immigrants in their effort to get jobs in the area, such as the one at Redeemer Church in Arlington.

Horace Mann, the Father of American Public School Education, emphasized that America's public schools should provide great education for everyone that will help them live productive life in society that can sustain them and their family financially.  Public schools should prioritize education that leads to jobs, which can help with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Horace Mann also encouraged moral education in America's public schools because morality (such as staying out of crimes) helps Americans to have a more fulfilled and happy lives.

Democracy as a form of government is premised on the belief that the majority should rule the country.  Even if the minority is wealthy, educated, and powerful, the minority must not rule over the majority but concede to the wishes of the majority.  To help the majority to govern in America as "We the People", which is vital to Democracy, we need to listen to the majority and respect their thoughts and opinions.  I support the Democratic value of Rule by Majority and want to support America's Democracy to grow in a positive direction as we heed the voice of the majority who care about their families and society.




Reduce Poverty in the Area

Improve Public School Education and Morality

Help the Voice of the People to be Heard

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